Work With US

Tonya Beauchaine, MS Certified Intuitive Eating Coach

  • You will find enjoyable, non-punitive ways to get the exercise and movement your body needs.
  • You will learn tools (not rules) to manage mindless and emotional eating.
  • We create strategies to overcome obstacles, triggers, and challenges.
  • We set wellness goals focusing on the process more than the outcome.
  • We work together in a trusting relationship, in a safe and supportive environment in order to gain awareness and clarity.
  • You will be able to decipher which nutrition guidance is worth listening to and which is unhealthy dieting propaganda.
  • We meet by phone, zoom or face-to-face (local to the Raleigh Triangle area) once a week or every other week.

Tracy Vazquez Body Image Coach

I love working with women to help them heal their relationship with their bodies. As someone who has healed my own relationship with my body, I know what it’s like to fight through those feelings and doubts. I want you to walk in the same freedom I have too.