While it is great to consume lots of helpful information about Health at Every Size ® and Intuitive Eating, you will start to see real change when you begin to take action on what you are learning.

We create these guides to help you take that next right step towards freedom.

So here’s the deal.

All you have to do is subscribe one time and we will send you all past and future download guides. Once you are subscribed the download guides will be emailed to you every other Wednesday. We don’t want to spam your inboxes, we’ll send them to you on the same day the episode is released. That way you can listen to the episode and give yourself some time to work through these things. We have both spent a lot of money on therapy and programs and we are sharing with you want we have learned. We just want to see other women set free. And these download guides are a great way to take that next right step. 

If you’re looking to go one step further we have created an online group coaching program. We meet weekly and we dive into topics like permission, boundaries, neutrality and many more. Right now group coaching is closed but we are starting a “weighting” list for those who are interested in getting in on our next cycle.

If you want more focused attention we offer individual coaching. We have a joint package for listeners of our show as well.

Ready to reflect? Click on one of these episodes to get started.

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