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A podcast about living free from dieting and the scale.

We're two friends who were tired of "weighting" for our lives to begin. So we started showing up and amazing things started happening. Join us as we talk about Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, body acceptance and much more.

We can't believe our ears!

Filling a void

"Tonya and Tracy fill a void by speaking about something few talk about which is faith and body image. As a registered dietitian it’s difficult for me to find good resources to give to clients with a faith background that I trust but this is one of the resources that comes from an Intuitive eating and Heath at Every Size framework. Thank you both for creating this podcast!"
-Nicole, RD

Refreshingly real TRUTH

"It’s difficult to find the unique combination of scriptural truth, positive encouragement, authenticity, and REAL facts about science/ health/ weight- We’re not Weighting does that. It also helps that they’re just fun to listen to and bring humor and wit to every episode. So highly recommend these lovely ladies!!!"
-Dr. Stefani Reinold, It’s Not About the Food

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