Episode 78 - What Are You Waiting For?


Podcast Description:

It can seem so daunting to stop dieting. If you have been dieting for some time now, it’s all you know. So when you say you’re going to stop, it’s like okay well what is next.

We get stuck in the fear of not knowing how to move forward. In today's episode we are talking about some of the most common things we hear from the women we work with when we have discovery calls or when we are coaching. And we're giving you inside information on how we coach them.

We are so excited to announce the launch of our Live Free Collective. We hear from so many of you through DM's, emails and calls that you are quitting diet culture and living in food and body freedom but most of you say, you are the only one you know who is doing this work.

That's why we've create the Live Free Collective because when we do this work in community, we actually get results. This membership will give you the support and strength you need to leave diet culture behind and LIVE FREE.

Your membership will include:

  • An exclusive meditation that you can access right from your phone
  • Desktop and phone wallpapers that will keep you encouraged
  • Downloadable workbook with journal prompts and mantras
  • Access to group discussions
  • Monthly Coaching call with Q & A
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