How can you reject the diet mentality in this season?

November’s theme is focused on rejecting the diet mentality. This is especially important as we enter the cultural norm of “holiday eating” only to then transition into the new year of “restrictive dieting” to undo all that happened during the holidays.

We have learned the diet mentality is not an effective way to care for ourselves long term. Dieting might provide a quick fix, but often our focus is on the wrong result or outcome. There can be a lot of pressure from the diet mentality about black and white thinking with food, such as good/bad, sinful, tempting, rebellion, etc. This season of holiday celebrations only exacerbates the idea we enjoy ourselves now because the restriction will begin in the new year with cleanses, detoxes, and new programs. This mentality focuses on a scarcity mindset and makes us feel a sense of deprivation is coming. 

How are you telling yourself you have permission to eat what sounds good to you?

In what ways can you reject black and white thinking about food and exercise?

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