We're Not Weighting Group Coaching Program with Tonya and Tracy

You’ve been doing the Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size thing on your own for a while now
(or maybe you’re new), but now you’re feeling stuck,
and you’re not sure how to take the next step in your recovery journey.

You’re ready for real change.
You’re done putting time and effort and resources toward a cycle of diets and plans. 

And you know that you don’t wanna do it alone anymore.


♥ feeling confident in your body -  you know you’re capable of it

♥ breaking free from the scale - lower numbers ≠ higher worth

♥ giving up the constant dieting - find a more enjoyable “me-time” activity

♥ experiencing the freedom to show up in the world exactly as you are - so you can live out your God-given purpose.

You're ready to stop WEIGHTING!


...it’s so easy to get overwhelmed trying to make sure you’re doing it “right.”

Let’s not even get into the thoughts in your head ("I’m not good enough," "I’m not worthy" - they can be so harsh)


...adding a new program? Diets and exercise routines are already
dictating your time

You feel directionless.

You’ve already tried so much on your own.

How does anyone move toward real change?

This is exactly why we created the
We’re Not Weighting Group Coaching program.

A 12-week live coaching program and a supportive community that will walk right beside you - not telling you to limit calories or stay away from the birthday cake in the break room - but to leave behind the dieting mentality and take real steps on your food and body freedom journey

With weekly video coaching sessions and reflection guides, you’ll be empowered to reject the diet mentality, find body neutrality, care for your health without focusing on weight loss, achieve peace with food, work through your triggers, set boundaries, establish healthy habits, and more. 

Who Are We?

Tonya Beauchaine Intuitive Eating Coach

I'm Tonya,

a certified intuitive eating coach health at every size® advocate and nutrition counselor. I'm working to break the mould of who and what a nutritionist is. I work with others to find freedom in their relationship with food.

Tracy Vasquez Body Image Coach

And I'm Tracy,

a body image coach. I help women find confidence in the bodies they have. I’m no longer waiting to be a certain size but accepting my body the way it is. I’m on a mission to help women feel confident and comfortable right here, right now.

We’ve been there too!


⇒ We’ve tried the programs, been on all the diets, restricted carbs, calories, and desserts (sad face), and what we found out is…that’s not the way. Instead we learned to get in touch with our intuition and trust that we had what we needed within us.

⇒ We broke free from the diet cycle and the scale and started listening to and respecting the bodies God gave us. 

It’s not always easy. And it certainly hasn’t been perfect. But we can tell you that there’s freedom waiting for you on the other side of this work. And we can’t wait to walk you through it!

Tracy Vasquez of We're Not Weighting Podcast

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll in the We’re Not Weighting Group Coaching Program:

  • 12 live video group coaching sessions on Zoom with time for check-ins, questions, and support
  • Weekly reflection guides so you can go deeper into each lesson and internalize what you’ve learned
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can get support from other program participants as well as Tracy and Tonya
  • Access to each group coaching session as a recording in case you miss a week or want to review what we covered
  • Access to the group for a full year


Once you sign up, you’ll be added to our We’re Not Weighting Group Coaching Facebook group where you can introduce yourself and meet your new community.

Each call will be 1 hour and take place on a Zoom (link will be shared within the Facebook group) every Monday at 8pm starting January 6th and running until March 23rd. And don’t worry if you have to miss a week, each call will be recorded and added to
the private Facebook group

We’d also love for you to commit to an additional 15-20 minute/week to fill out reflection guides that go along with each call.

Tonya Beauchaine host of We're Not Weighting

Sign up below to get


  • 12 live weekly coaching sessions with Tonya and Tracy
  • Weekly Reflection Guides to accompany each session
  • A supportive community inside our private Facebook group for a full year
  • Access to recordings of each session






Still have questions? We've got answers!


⇒How much time do I have to commit each week?
1 hour call each week with 15 minutes of homework/reflection.

⇒What if I can’t make a live call?
We will post the recorded session in the private Facebook group. 

⇒How long will she have access to this content?
You will have access to the group for 1 year. 

⇒When does the program run?
January 6-March 23

⇒How is it delivered?
We will have a private Facebook group. Calls will be done on Zoom.

⇒What is the cost of the full program?
The full program is $480. 

⇒Do you have any scholarships for this program?
Yes! We have 1 Scholarship spot.

⇒What are the payment options?
Pay up front or monthly draw.

⇒What is your guarantee/refund policy?
We offer a 7-day no questions asked guarantee. If after the first week of coaching, you decide this program is not right for you, send us an email at werenotweighting@gmail.com requesting a refund. We will not offer a full or partial refund if requested after January 12th, 2020.

⇒What if I don’t get results?
Restoring your intuitive eater is a journey with many layers, and the healing process is not linear. That said, results are measured differently than a diet or weight loss program and individual results may vary. See refund policy above.

⇒Are there any people that this program is specifically not for?
If you are severely underweight due to an eating disorder, you need to seek medical attention. 

⇒What if I miss the program this time, will it run again soon?
We will launch this again later in 2020 but no release date is set.

⇒What can I do if I have more questions before purchasing?
You can email us at werenotweighting@gmail.com for any questions. 


Imagine the freedom that comes
when you stop Weighting.

Imagine not having to be a certain size to feel confident in your body.

It’s possible. 

We know.
And we can’t wait to help you feel that way too!

See you there!