Episode 63 - Living in the Present Moment and Diet Recovery


Podcast Description:

When you are  dieting, you are constantly telling yourself that a later version of who you are will be where you would find happiness and contentment. You are never content with your present self, body, situation, etc. Your hope is always on that next dieting, a new workout plan, losing x amount of weight. So when you stop dieting, you start to understand that your happiness no longer rests in the next thing. You are fully in this present moment with your given body.

You are then left with what is right in front of you. But it’s uncomfortable to sit in that tension.  We don’t know how to just be with ourselves. If you have thought, okay I get that I am no longer putting off living until later, I am living now but what does that even look like?

If you are ready to take action and start living in today, this episode is for you.

We mentioned our interview with Karishma Donde and her breath work. You can listen here.

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