Episode 121 - Productivity Like Vinyasa Flow with Dr. Brooke Smith

We are delighted to share our conversation with productivity coach and mindfulness expert Dr. Brooke Smith. If you would like to learn more about how to tap into your productivity like a vinyasa flow, this episode is for you!

Dr. Brooke also talks with us about her journey with learning about intuitive eating and body acceptance. 



Brooke Smith, PhD is a productivity coach and mindfulness expert. She helps women entrepreneurs create a system of support and a sustainable structure for their businesses. 


Brooke transforms personal and professional productivity through mindfulness with a focus on where entrepreneurs apply their energy. Women come to her feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled with too much to do and not enough support. She works with them in designing a life and workspace that allows for ease and spaciousness, while scaling their business and reintroducing enjoyment. 


Brooke lives with her artist husband and two cats in Rochester, NY, where you can find them mountain biking on the local trails, playing board games, and eating curry tempeh tacos.

Connect with Dr. Brooke Smith at drbrookesmith.com 



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