About Us


Our Story

We were both fed up with waiting around for our lives to start. Waiting to be a certain size, lose a certain amount of weight or waiting to look a certain way. So here we are, we're doing it and we want you to come along too.

Why a podcast?

We kept having these amazing conversations about life, weight, the pressure to be thin and live up to these standards of society and we were like wow, these conversations are important. We both felt this calling to share it on a broader scale and that's how We're Not Weighting was born.

Who we are


Tonya Beauchaine


M.S. Nutrition, HAES Expert & Intuitive Eating Coach

I grew up around a lot of diet culture and had close family members struggle with disordered eating. I was inspired by watching my daughter’s intuitive eating and at the same time learning to accept my genetic destiny that I will never be the size that “society” indicates I should be. I started working on restoring my own intuitive eating instincts, and have found an amazing freedom with my relationship with food. I now work with others seeking this same freedom from diet culture and societal pressures.



Tracy Vazquez


Hey y’all and welcome! I’m so glad you’ve found us here at We're not Weighting. Being a woman who has always struggled with body image and self worth, it’s so important to me that I inspire other women to be who God created them to be.

A former teacher turned fashion blogger, small business owner and social media manager. I spend my days sipping on iced coffee and plotting my world domination.